The CV conundrum

The weirdest thing happened to me recently.

I was offered a job, so I handed my notice in at my old place and waited until the 4 weeks was up….then the new place told me they didn’t want me any more.

I can laugh about it now, because I’ve since found other work. But 20 days ago I wasn’t laughing I can assure you. I was fucking crying. Blind drunk and crying.

So how did this come about? You’ve probably never heard such bollocks in your life, I know. I’d never known it happen before either, but there you go. Happy to break new ground so you don’t have to… :/

It started way back at the end of June. I had applied for a job that I’d seen advertised a few times before, but I had never bothered applying for. The money was good and it was in a decent location, but I’d seen it advertised for so long, that I had a feeling the job didn’t even exist.

I was right, in a way.

The morning after I applied an agency phoned me and said they thought I was a really good fit for the job. Then they told me it was working for a major Investment Company and I was excited, I’m not gonna lie. They sent my CV over to the client and the client wanted to interview me. Great. Great. I was pretty chuffed. It was due to happen in 10 days time, so I had time to come up with an excuse for having a day off work.

Then 4 days before the interview I received an email from the agency. The job was not going to be based locally any more, it was going to be based in the City of London. Or maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, he wasn’t sure; they weren’t sure. Well if they weren’t sure, I was fucked if I was. I said that would be OK, but I was already getting a pretty shitty feeling about this. Instinct is a powerful thing.

The interview happened and it went really well. The agency phoned me and said there would be a second interview, and they wanted that to be the following Tuesday. I couldn’t make any days the following week as a colleague was off on holiday and I was cover. So we arranged it for the following Tuesday. That was 15 days after interview one. Again, they seemed fine with that, and their continued lack of urgency made me feel uneasy.

Interview two happened, and that went well too. Even better than interview one, I thought. So I was pretty confident. They were using language like “This is a great oppotunity for you”, so who wouldn’t be confident?

However, my confidence disappeared when I heard nothing back for over a week.

When the agency did call, they said there were some internal discussions on wage and start date going on, but I’d definitely have a decision soon.

But I didn’t have one soon. In fact, although I did get an offer, and all of the things I’d asked for, the offer didn’t come until 8th August. This had started at the end of June. It was quite something. Again, I didn’t like the length of time they’d taken with everything and I should have listened to my gut. But, ya know, this was a 250 year old Investment Company in the City…what could go wrong?



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