I think it’s difficult not to have a deep appreciation of film.

What a medium. It embraces picture, sound, emotion. There is no medium like it.

I’ve always been interested in film and video, ever since I was really young. My granddad would take me to ‘the pictures’ quite a lot, even into my teens. It was something we did together.

But my real appreciation for the medium came in 1993 when I first went to the Film Festival of Wales in Aberystwyth while studying Media. That was great. Premieres of art films, short films, Q&As with directors. Lovely stuff.

But, like with many other creative lines in life, my interest got parked up until later on, while I did other stuff.

Then in 2007, I sent a MySpace message to an old friend I’d known since infant school – Richard Shelton.

Like I say,  I’d always known Rich, but we were never close buddies until he joined my Media class in the second year. He’d previously failed his second year and wanted to re-take it. Another happy coincidence I guess.

After our initial meeting, we met up for a few more, and before we knew it, we were planning our first short film. I had an idea and we thrashed out the detail. Within a few months ‘3’ was filmed, edited and entered into a few film festivals.

In the end ‘3’ was nominated for an award in the Border and Regional Film Festival, Australia and The BBC Festival of Film in Glasgow. Not bad for a first go.

The film ‘Ruin’ Followed in 2008, and did even better, winning The Newport International Film Festival (now The Wales Film festival) Audience Award.


This was followed in 2009 by a Director’s Cut of ‘Ruin’, which I spliced together myself. I don’t know if it improves the movie or not, but it was fun to do.

Our final piece of work together was a music video for my song ‘Modern Art is Rubbish (written with James Tredree). I came to Richard with a pretty strong idea of what I wanted, and again we thrashed it out.We enrolled a few pro-actors for this one – I think that shows.

Me and Rich worked well together in our brief time as Halfway, but unfortunately I moved away 2009 and it all fizzled out.