I’ve always loved writing. Always. I found some old school books recently, from 1982 and I loved writing even then, at 6 years old. I liked telling stories about the school holidays, or about my dad, or my house, all that kids stuff. Some of it was embellished even then; I think everyone likes to tell a good story – ‘add a few noughts on‘ as they say here in Essex.

I got an ‘A’ in English Language at GCSE, and I was so proud. The two essays I submitted as coursework got 19/20 and 18/20 – cumulatively 37/40. This was the second highest score that had ever been submitted by the school and had to be sent to a panel for re-assessment. The marks came back the same đŸ™‚

But then life got in the way. There was college, football, girls and all that other stuff, and I was quite immature at that time so took my eye off the ball. I wrote songs, poems and some little puff-pieces every now and again, but never got involved enough to start forging a career with it. I’d gone from “I’m going to be a sports journalist” to “I don’t want to go to University, I just want to sit here”. Youth is wasted on the young.

Then life REALLY got in the way. Babies, weddings all of it. But that’s life innit? Work to live, living for the weekend. No time for anything else.

But then Twitter came along, and connections, and comedy accounts, and spoof news websites. I got my mojo back. Suddenly there was a whole new audience and I didn’t have to be qualified or any of that shit, just GOOD. What a cool new playing field.

I’ve had my work published by NewsThump, NewsBiscuit, The New Statesman, Viz and The Spoof among others.




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